Company overview

MIG Exchange is one of the MIG group’s dedicated foreign exchange and money transfers services to individuals and companies that work in international trade and foreign currencies.

Partnering with the world’s leading money transfer providers and as a dedicated money transfers and foreign exchange specialists, we have the professional expertise, in depth market knowledge, technological infrastructure .

mission & vission

Providing state-of-the-art services and modern technology with high-quality, modern solutions to meet the needs of its customers by continuously developing its policies and staff development processes through ongoing training in financial services.

MIG Exchange will expand its network with new branches in Sudan to maintain its presence as a major Sudanese player in the realm of foreign exchange and fund transfers.

Follow the principle of transparency in our financial transactions to combat money laundering and terrorism financing, following the directives of the banking authorities in our country, the directives of the financial system of work and the resolutions issued by the United Nations in this regard.